Happenings July 5- July 18

24 Jul

Daily Happenings
July 5- July 18

July 5 – Today was a SUPER busy day.  I received the artwork for the final draft of Fast Facts.  Now we’re going through it with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is spot on.  Talk about meticulous, boring work!  In addition, I started recording radio spots for AFR Radio.  Tim Wildmon has blessed us and will be using 1 minute spots from us, for free!  Unbelievable.  We don’t have a budget to spend on something like this.  It’s work making these things, let me tell you.  I write a script and then send it to Eric.  Eric then takes it and works it over.  I then get it and work it over as I record it.  Labor and time intensive for sure.  In addition I also made a lot of thank you calls and wrote notes so that I would be caught up with correspondence.

By the way, if you’d like to hear the “raw” radio program I’ve included one here.

July 6 – Today was another crazy busy day.  I got the final approval on the format of the AFR Radio spots so I recorded and edited all 10 of them.  AFR now has them to work their magic with.  They asked that we do 5 new ones a month!!  What a blessing.  I also completed two of the animals in the Fast Facts book.  When I look at how short those few lines are I’m discouraged.  I started at 7:30 AM on these things and am still going at 8:00PM.  I’m praising God that things are moving along though even if it seems to be at a snails pace.  I am so far behind on my sermon for this Sunday!  Your prayers mean a LOT, thank you!

July 7 – Today was a down day.  Masami and I went to lunch and watched “Spiderman”!  That afternoon I worked on the Fast Facts book and then in the evening I hung out with my son for a little.  Overall, it was just a relaxing day!

July 8 – My buddy Matt flew in today from Idaho.  I worked on the Fast Facts booklet edits prior to his arrival and the Big Bone Sermon.  After he got here we worked on the filming that we’re doing this week with Steve, Melody, Sharon and myself.  We took an hour off and went to play some disc golf as well.  It was nice to get out and chuck a disc and get a little exercise in.  After that we had dinner with Steve and then came home to work on the sermon for tomorrow and the Fast Facts booklet some more.

July 9 – It was a blessing to speak in my home church today.  We’ve been going to Big Bone Baptist ever since we moved to Kentucky over 10 years ago.  I honestly don’t like speaking there because that means I don’t get to listen to Pastor Mike teach.  He is an amazing teacher, make sure to listen to some of his sermons at www.b3church.com  I was able to give them an update on what we’ve been blessed to do since April 21.  You can watch it here if you like.  It was really exciting to share our first in a new series of devotionals that we’re producing.  You can see that one here.  Please pray for us.  Matt will start editing more of these after we start Academy of Hope on September 4!  Please pray that would connect with people as well.  We believe these classes would increase our ability to train the next generation.  After speaking Wade, Matt and I got together for a planning meeting for the future of rforh.  We have an exciting game plan laid out now and it will be interesting to see if this is what the Lord want’s us to do or not.  We’ve put it to prayer and are moving forward with a couple of other classes for Academy of Hope* and setting up a subscription service on our website.  We’re going to offer every video that we’ve made and will make to folks for a very low monthly fee.  We’re praying that will help us get into a financial position where we can produce more material.

July 10 – Today was a full day.   I went with Matt to film Steve Rawlings new Academy of Hope* class, “Lawyer Up”.  We were so blessed that we were able to get an actual courtroom to film in.  This was totally a God thing.  Just last week we were trying figure out where we could film to give his class a unique setting.  It worked out that the judge was out of town for today and was kind enough to let us use the courtroom for the entire day!  What a blessing.  We were able to fill all but 3 of his classes!  That evening when I got home I was just plain beat!

July 11 – Today was a fun day.  We had some friends come into town and I was able to give them a tour of the Creation Museum.  It was really nice to do this again.  I love giving tours through there as it was such a big piece of my life for such a long time.  I got home about 1:30 PM and finished up the Fast Facts book!  Yes, I finished the book, finally!  It has been such a long road and I am so praying that God will use this month long devotional to encourage parents to teach their children that they can trust the Bible.  After I finished the book Masami, Matt and I joined our friends from out of town for dinner.  It was a blessing!  After dinner we came back and I worked on classes until pretty late.

July 12 – Matt and I joined our friends from out of town at the Ark Encounter today.  It was a blessing again to go through here and share information with them to hopefully encourage them.  We had lunch and then came back home.  Matt took off to film Melody in her Academy of Hope* class on leadership.  I stayed at home and helped my wife with the grandchildren.  After they left I worked on my script for the one class that I’m going to film tomorrow with Matt.

July 13 – Today I went with Matt to help film Melody’s class on leadership for Academy of Hope*.  She did a great job and I’m excited to see what the Lord is going to do with our efforts.  One thing that I really appreciate with all of these classes is the diversity of the teaching.  Me, I’m just me!  I’m not the deep, theological person, I just want to keep it real and have the students walk out with something they can use.  That’s what I’m encouraging our other speakers to strive for as well.  We can’t compete with huge organizations.  We don’t have the resources to do that.  But, we can be real!  Melody and Juan have PhD’s and have years of teaching experience.  Sharon has her Masters degree and has years of teaching experience.  Steve is a lawyer, and has years of teaching experience.  These are folks that have so much to offer in training this next generation.  I’m excited to see what happens.  That night I had dinner with my assistant, Candace, her family and her brother’s family who is over from the Philippines dropping their son off for college.  They have been HUGE blessings to me over the years when I go to the Philippines.  They always let me stay and their home and that’s a blessing.

July 14 – I went with Matt in the morning to meet and film Sharon’s class on “Go Forth and Conquer!”  This is an 8-week course and I’m very excited about it.  Here Sharon will go through the process of choosing a college with you.  With years of experience, especially in the secular university realm, she has some very good insights that you will want to glean from.  I took off after the first video so I could work on a new section that we’re going to add to our website.  “Camper Questions!”  I’ll share more on this later.  But let me put it to you like this, Eric, Juan and myself are putting a lot of effort in this area because of all of the questions we’ve been receiving from the youth.  We’re going to take the top 40 questions and start answering them.  We’ll grow from there.  That evening we celebrated my first grandson’s birthday.  Trey is still my buddy and I’m blessed for that!  After that was over I worked into the late evening on the Camper Questions and prepping for the England tour that is coming up in August.

July 15 – Something interesting happened while I was listing to Melody as she filmed her class.  She is addressing Biblical leadership in her class and one of the items she raised was how we need to be intentional about being a leader by following the example of Jesus.  One of the things that He did was keep the Sabbath.  In full disclosure, I’ve not been doing this for the last 20 plus years of ministry.  At least not on a regular basis.  I’ve made the commitment that I’ve got to do better at this in the future.  Therefore, I listened to some really good teaching from a dear pastor friend in London and studied the Scripture.  I did work on the “Camper Questions” a little!  For the most part though I just spent time trying to listen to the Lord.

July 16 – Today was a slow day.  We weren’t able to go to church this morning because I had to take Matt to catch a bus.  So, I listened to a sermon online and then took Matt and Masami to brunch and then to the bus station.  We got home about 2 PM and I worked on questions for the new Camper Questions section that we’re going to be releasing soon.  I had one very special incident today.  A young man named Kenny, who was about 13, came to our door asking for donations for books that he had.  I sat down and spoke with him for about 20 minutes.  It was a really sweet conversation and I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to share with him.  He was very shallow in his faith and it felt as if our conversation encouraged him and helped him to grow a little bit.  I gave him some of our resources as well.

July 17 – Today I worked on Camper Questions and my presentations for the Teen Revolution Conference that I leave for tomorrow.  I also spent a LOT of time working on organizing our photos and video’s that we’ve taken from Africa, Grand Canyon and the Ark Experience.  There is soooo much material to organize and categorize.  It’s a huge job.

July 18 – I did about 3 hours of categorization work this morning for taking off for my 5 hour drive to Pigeon Forge.  I got in about 2 PM and set everything up.  The session started at 6 PM and went to about 10 PM.  All I did tonight was introduce myself to the youth and let them know what I’d be talking about this week.  As the youth were leaving I had a number of them come up and speak with me thanking me for coming back and telling me they remembered what I’d talked about last year.  One young man really blessed me.  He reminded me that we’d spoken last year about a teacher that he was going to have this year who was an ardent atheist and he know would challenge him.  He very proudly told me how he had stood his ground and the material that we covered last year really helped prepare and encourage him throughout the entire year.  In full honesty, when I left I was a little discouraged.  I’m only speaking twice over the four-day event.  My tendency is to be a workaholic.  It doesn’t feel right if I’m not speaking three to four times a day.  That young man encouraged me.  As I was eating dinner I returned a phone call that had come in while I was at the conference.  It was a family member of a dear friend whom I truly love.  We had a looong talk.  My buddy is struggling right now, please pray for him and his family.  God knows who it is!  Satan is alive and very busy.  If you’re having any kind of an impact, trust me when I say you are going to face challenges.  By the time I got back from dinner I had an email waiting for me from one of the young men who attended the conference.  Here’s what he wrote:

Hey Mr. Kerby, I’m at Teen Revolution right now and I was wondering what your view on the age of the Earth is. If you believe in a young Earth, then how do you reconcile that view with carbon dating, and if you believe in an old Earth, how do you reconcile that with the record in Genesis? Looking forward to the morning session tomorrow!

So much for being discouraged, and forget about the plan that I had on speaking tomorrow.  Now we follow the Holy Spirit and just go for it!

Your prayers and support are GREATLY appreciated.  Your support makes these meetings happen.  I’m constantly overwhelmed by the opportunities we’re given and so appreciative of your making it possible for us to do this!

Blessings and . . .  Stay Bold!

Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby is an inspiring, motivating and highly respected Christian speaker. With more than 20 years of ministry experience, Carl shares his extensive knowledge and understanding of God’s creation in his presentations, outreach events, books and other resources as the President and founding board member of Reasons for Hope, Inc.