Happenings August 2 – August 14

22 Aug

Happenings August 2 – August 14

August 2 – Today was working about the house day.  Masami does so much with me on the road as often as I am.  I’ve got to do more when I’m around, the truth is, I’m lazy!   We went and exercised in the morning, ate one of our favorite lunches and then worked around the house.

August 3 – Amazingly productive day today.  My son sent me ANOTHER article so I had to work on a response to this one as well.  This one was even worse than the Canaanite article from last week, which you can read here.   This weeks article was entitled “How to Slam Dunk Creationist When it Come to the Theory of Evolution”.  Well, needless to say I had to do something.  I ended up writing a three-part article, each about 900 words in length.  We should start putting them out in about a week.  I’m having some guys go through it and make sure it’s ok and I’ve not missed something.

August 4 – Worked on talks as well as trying to get speaking.  My fall is pretty light so I’m working on trying to get some speaking set up.  In addition I put in a pretty full day on the Academy of Hope Fossil class.  We made the decision to offer it a couple of different ways.  Folks can take it where they will receive college credit and have interaction with the teacher, me!  OR, if they just want the knowledge they can take the class without the interaction and no college credit.  My thinking is that will be the way most mature folks will want to go.  I’m hoping they take it with the interaction because that’s where my heart is.  It’s a strong desire to pass on the knowledge that God has given me over the last 20 years of being on the road to others that will take it and go to places I can’t even imagine.

August 5 – Today was a travel day to Yadkinville, North Carolina.  I had HUGE conversations on the plane.  From Cincy to Atlanta I sat next to Kristen.  Her son sounds like a sold out follower of Christ as does her father.  She, by her own admission, “Doesn’t get it!”  The entire hour was spent in such an amazing conversation.  I told her at one point, “I’m going to speak to you the way that I wish someone would have spoken to my mother.  As a child sometimes it’s hard to have really open conversations so this is what I wish someone would have said to my mom.”  It was such a blessing.  When we landed she told me how much better she understood her father and son after our conversation.  I shared the Gospel with her very clearly and then told her a story that I’d heard a long time ago about some folks that didn’t respond to what they had been given.  I told her that God was absolutely pursuing her to put her father and son in her life and suggested that she get on her face in prayer with Him.  By the way, her dad’s story is truly a miracle!  After that on my flight to Greensboro, North Carolina I was blessed to sit next to Beth.  She’s a professor in a college in North Carolina and was headed home.  She turned out to be a Christian and was familiar with my previous ministry.  We had a very encouraging time.  On my “geek” side, when we were flying in I noticed someone on the flight that I loved as a younger man.  Remember my background, a father who was a professional wrestler!  Anyway, one of the guys on the flight was huge back in the day and I immediately recognized him.  So, for the first time in a long time I “fanned” out and asked if I could take a selfie’ with him!

Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat!

In Yadkinville Pastor Mark from Peace Haven Baptist Church took great care of me.  We went to dinner with one of the students who’ve heard me speak over the last two years and had some questions.  What a blessing to have conversations with young men like this who are potential future leaders.  We went to the church and got everything set up for tomorrow.  The only challenge is that I’m not going to have my computer by me from the stage.  That’s NOT good.  I truly need it by me to keep me on track, but we just can’t work that out here.  I’ll be pushed out of my comfort zone for sure!

Peace Haven Baptist Church Sunday AM.

August 6 – What an amazing day!  I’m totally beat, but it was worth it.  I spoke twice in the morning, Sunday school and the service, and then we had lunch in the gym. After the morning service I had a man that came up and spent some time speaking with me and thanking me profusely for coming.  The thing that had resonated with him the most and stepped on his toes was the message that there is only one “race”, the human “race”.  I touched on that in my service and he was very touched.  He shared with me how much that had challenged him and that he had to make some changes in his life.  There was a huge group that went forward and prayed during the altar call.  The next session was supposed to start at 2 PM after lunch.  There was such a buzz though pastor asked if I’d do an additional meeting before the 2 PM meeting.  Of course I said yes.  I think I told you before that this is the norm.  We’re always adding speaking when in the field and we count it a privilege.  Both sessions were very well attended and the responses were better than I could have dreamed.  This is the third year that they’ve done an apologetic emphasis the week before school starts.  The pastors told me that their folks were all saying how I was their favorite!  Yes, it stroked the ego a little to hear that.  And especially if you heard who the other two were.  They’re pretty big names!  I just try to do my best, regardless of who is with me.  Right after finishing up with the afternoon services I got in the car and headed over to Mountain View Baptist Church where I spoke in the evening.  The first session was with the youth.  We had a lasagna dinner and it was an informal time of conversation around the table.  The big topics that came up were: can we trust the Bible and transgender/gay issues.  It’s the same wherever we go!  After this I spoke to the church.  They were super encouraged by the turnout.  Pastor told me this was the largest group they’ve had on a Sunday night!  I could not have asked for better responses.  After we finished I had dinner with the two pastors and we made plans for my coming back.  I really hope that they come to fruition.  I had a blast with these folks and again, the feedback that I received from them was super encouraging.

 August 7 – Today was a travel day.  Unfortunately the conversations on the plane were terrible.  Sometimes you just cannot get anything going and unfortunately it seems that more and more folks just don’t want to talk.  That was the experience on both flights today.  I got home around 7PM. I was so tired that all I did was sit until going to bed!  Very little productive work done today other than what I could do on a plane, which isn’t much.

August 8 – Today was spent on the computer the whole day.  Literally from 9 AM to 11 PM.  I worked on my talks for this Sunday at Grace Baptist Church, plus worked on the talks for the upcoming England trip!  It’s unbelievable how long it takes to do some things.

August 9 – I worked out this morning and then came back and worked on ministry materials the rest of the day.  This included cleaning my office because Masami was going crazy with all of the papers and books everywhere.  My office now looks amazing!  I think it looked amazing before, I knew what each stack of magazines, books a paper were there for!  I also worked on a prototype for another dream.  I’d really like to create a magazine with all of the supposed human ancestors and put the real information about them in there.  Here’s a sample page:

I’d love to make this usable so folks can have a basic understanding for when they hear these things being spoken of.  Hopefully that would help them to not be afraid to converse on these topics.  Please pray for us on this dream!

August 10 – Writing!  Today was a writing day.  Plus I spent time working on a presentation that we’re going to be giving on September 21 to a foundation in Florida.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS!  We’ve never done anything like this before, but we’ve got the opportunity to present the dream of creating a deBUNKED every month that we can give away to reach the younger generation.  My prayers is we make one a week, but, one a month would be a fantastic start.  We sure need the Lord’s wisdom as we pull this together.  I’m doing my best to prepare for this meetings.

August 11 – I worked out in the morning.  After finishing I went shopping for Masami’s birthday party, which we’re celebrating tomorrow even though it doesn’t take place until Sunday.  After that I came home and worked on presentations.  I feel prepared now for this Sunday at Grace Baptist in Mason, Ohio.  I also worked on the new “Campers Questions” section that we’ll be starting soon and on the agenda for a very important meeting we’re having next week in Florida.

August 12 – I took it easy today.  We celebrated Masami and my granddaughter Mari’s birthday in the afternoon.  During the day I worked on talks for a bit, but really didn’t do much.  In the afternoon we went to our daughters house and had a birthday party with all of the family there.  It was just a low key, very noisy time of the family getting together.  Our family is loud!  After the party I packed everything for the meeting tomorrow so we can get up early and hit the road!

August 13 – What a blessing today was.  I was able to speak at Grace Baptist Church in Mason, Ohio.  Pastor Jerry and his congregation have truly blesse Reasons for Hope* and me personally for a long time.  We held our Hope Conference here  almost 6 years ago and they were one of the first churches to book me to speak after starting the new ministry.  We’re going back on January 28th to host our second Family Apologetic Conference.  This one is special.  I was able to book a long time contact to come and speak as well as my son and I.  His name is Dr. Eric Chico and he’s got a very unique ministry.  If you’re in the Mason, Ohio area plan on coming and being a part of this.  I’ll tell you more later.  That evening was a super blessed time because we celebrated Masami’s “29th” Birthday and our granddaughter Mari’s 5th.  It’s always a blessing to get together with family and we were able to get everyone together in the afternoon including Masami’s sister, her husband and daughter.  They drove down from Ohio to participate in the festivities.  Our daughter and son-in-law Bob did a fantastic job.  They cooked everything and hosted the meeting so Masami would have to clean up when it was all done.  We are so blessed to have our family living so close to us.


Masami and Mari’s Birthday!

August 14 – I flew to Ft. Lauderdale in the morning and got here around 10:30

  1. The hotel couldn’t take an early check in so I went to Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale to work on things until our 4 PM meeting. That meeting went really well.  We’re setting up meetings for the future and this will lead to more ministry.  I’m pumped.  In the evening I was blessed to speak at a home meeting.  It was packed!

I was so blessed by the feedback!  Two families especially touched my heart.  The last time I was down here I spoke at one home to a group of youth.  The father was gone so I met him tonight for the first time.  They told me how much the meeting with high school age youth had impacted the other students and especially their two children.  That really encouraged me.  The another family was a father who brought his two younger children with him.  They used the new Fast Facts devotional.  At the end the father asked his two children to tell everyone what they thought about the study.  They boldly told everyone how much they had loved it!  That really touched me!  I got back to the room pretty late and very beat so I’m gone!  Thank you for your prayers and your support.  As always, make sure to let me know what we can do to better serve, inform and/or encourage you.  Tomorrow I have 4 more meetings!  We’re trying to get doors open and make ministry happen.  God bless you and . . .

Stay Bold!

Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby is an inspiring, motivating and highly respected Christian speaker. With more than 20 years of ministry experience, Carl shares his extensive knowledge and understanding of God’s creation in his presentations, outreach events, books and other resources as the President and founding board member of Reasons for Hope, Inc.