Lighthouse Baptist Church – Port Charlotte, FL

Lighthouse Baptist Church Port Charlotte

Lighthouse Baptist Church – Port Charlotte, FL

Hear Hope Confirming Realities!

Engage them with Scientific Truth about our World, including Dinosaurs and Fossils and where we really came from!


SCHEDULE - Sunday, Jan. 21st

8:30 - Eyewitness History

10:00 - Genesis: Truth or Trash?

11:00 - Eyewitness History

6:30 - Dinosaurs and the Great Deception

7:30 - Genesis: the Key to Abundant Living

SCHEDULE - Monday, Jan. 22nd

6:30 - CSI Creation Scene Investigation

7:30 - Age Matters: A Young Earth


Location Info: or call 941.624-6462.


Event Info: call Bob Gillespie at 419.566.2145.

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