Shepherd Road Baptist Church – Mulberry, FL

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Shepherd Road Baptist Church – Mulberry, FL

January 19

Hear Hope Confirming Realities!

Engage them with Scientific Truth about our World, including Dinosaurs and Fossils and where we really came from!


9:30 – Genesis: the Key to Abundant Living

There are way too many Christians struggling with sin, just holding on till Jesus comes and finally gives us eternal life. Jesus said He came not only to give us life, but abundant life. The book of Genesis is the key to understand this often missed aspect of our salvation. When we see the events as described in Genesis as literal and historical, we are able to see how we had everything in Adam, how we lost it all in Satan, and how we gain it all back in Christ. This is not your typical apologetics lecture, yet this will be a great faith building and empowering message.

10:30 – Age Matters: A Young Earth

  • Is the age of the earth just an interpretation issue or is it a presupposition issue?
  • Can we trust the Bible literally or do we have to look to modern science to help us figure out what the Bible says?
  • Do we have to accept atheistic scientific interpretations as truth and judge the Bible accordingly?

We at Reasons for Hope* start out with the belief that there should be no other authority outside of scripture that determines what the Bible means. All truth claims must be measured by what the Bible actually says. This is not just a blind faith position that goes against all the “facts” of science; there are good scientific evidences that confirm a young earth just as the Bible says.

6:00 – How the Bible Changed the World

Have you ever wondered why Europe and North America have so much freedom and prosperity while so many other areas of the world have struggled for centuries?  Some say it is because certain people are less evolved. The truth is that the Bible has changed the world. We begin by contrasting the true perspective of reality given to us in the Bible with other worldviews around the world that have kept people in poverty. We conclude with the worldview clash in America between the Bible and Secular Humanism, and how humanists have been successful in teaching their lies to the younger generations. This false worldview will lead to devastating consequences right here in America. This talk is designed to give a greater appreciation of the importance of the Bible and explain why America is so divided today.


January 19
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Bob Gillespie


Shepherd Road Baptist Church
3820 Shepherd Road
Mulberry, FL 33860 United States
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