We desire to give back to the community where we are privileged to minister and to the body of Christ at large. Here you will find our humble attempt to be an encouragement to where we are headed.  We believe very strongly in the power of prayer so instead of asking you to pray for us and our needs all the time, my wife challenged me to open up the lines of communication and pray for the communities that we will be serving in.
God taught me a long time ago to listen to my wife.  She has gifts and insights that I just don’t have.  It was a wonderful idea so we’re implementing it here in the Community Spotlight section.

We also wanted to give you a place where you can give us open, honest, feedback. We will post the good, the bad and the ugly, within reason.  No profanity or name calling.  Just because I may disagree with you doesn’t diminish the fact that Christ loves you and died for you as much as He did for me.  That being the case we won’t call names, or post those of you who call us names.  Send the feedback though and we’ll try to respond to every one of them here in the Feedback section.

Lastly, but definitely not leastly! (Is that a word??) I want to share friends with you that I greatly respect.  I may not agree with everything that they believe, but I respect them and love them.  In the Ministry Friends section we’ll have links to folks that I’d ask you to pray for and to check out.