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Lunch with ‘the gang’ at Gull Lake!

Last week I told you about the encouraging responses from Gull Lake and Camp Patmos.  Well, in part because of those responses rforh has made a major decision.  I’ll tell you about it in a second.

First, on Monday I was able to celebrate the first birthday of my Grandson, Sweet Baby Trey!  It was awesome.  He’s adorable.  Don’t you agree?  In addition we were able to celebrate the second birthday of Candace’s daughter, Anna!  It was really nice to have family and friends over to celebrate this special day.

Early Tuesday morning my son and I got up early, at 4 AM, and caught a flight to Atlanta so we could catch our next flight to Santa Anna, CA.  I have to confess that I blew it Tuesday when I picked up my son.  Whenever I go to the airport it is always a challenge.  I really, and I mean really, don’t like going through security.  It makes me crazy being treated like a criminal.  I’ve got to constantly remind myself that I’m representing the Lord.  Let’s just put it this way, I didn’t act as I should have on the way to the airport.  Fortunately I have a very forgiving wife and son!

We arrived in Santa Anna about 11:00 AM and met Wade Wacker, who is one of the board members for rforh and current CEO.  We got our car and went to the offices of our friends at The Veracity Project.  Once we arrived we took off immediately for the important place, Baja Fish Taco’s!  This is THE spot!  After lunch we went back to the offices and started our meeting.  Very productive!

That night we went to dinner at Mob City Pizza!  Ouch, that was a bad night!  Loved their sign though.  Take a look:

On Wednesday we met again and finalized some very important plans!  If you’d like to read about them you can do so here!  That evening we went to visit Nate, a dear friend who is doing a great job.  You may remember, he wrote the deBunked article dealing with “Distant Starlight”.  Pray for Nate and all the hard work he’s doing there in Lomita, CA.

Thursday we took off for home.  Very encouraged by the meetings and the direction God seems to be taking us.  I felt horrible.  I couldn’t sleep very well while in California because my lungs were so full of junk that every time I would lay down I’d just start coughing.  It felt like I was drowning, not good.  By the way, ask me about mucus sometime.  There’s a reason why God planned our bodies to produce mucus.  It’s actually pretty cool!  Just not when it builds up to the levels it did last week.  We got home late Thursday night, exhausted, yet excited.

Friday I just totally bummed out!  I did a lot of things around the house, had lunch with Candace and her beautiful family and her brother.  Check out the video!  But, overall I didn’t go out of the house much because I just wanted to sit.  That was the first night I slept all the way through without being awakened by coughing.  I think I finally turned the corner on the sickness thing.

Saturday I flew to Des Moines so that I could speak at Fellowship Community Church on Sunday.  Interesting conversation with a dear lady on the flight out of Memphis to Des Moines.  She’s a flight attendant for Delta and had her 87 year old father on the flight with her.  They were going to Detroit.  We talked the whole way there.  She’s a believer and I was able to hopefully encourage her, she sure encouraged me.  I learned something interesting (but not so encouraging) while talking with her.  When she told me that she was going to Detroit I told her of my flight experience experiences into Detroit.  They’re not very good.  Six out of the last 10 times I’ve flown there our plane has sat at the boarding gate anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes waiting for someone to bring the jet bridge over so we could get off.  She explained why it’s like that.  Detroit has a union and their rules are that the workers get a break every so often.  When it’s break time, you take it regardless of what you’re in the middle of doing.  Seems extreme to me!!  But now I know why there’s such a wait time.  Anyway, she was a delightful person.

That night I stayed at the home of some dear friends.  They blessed me so much.  Every time I come to their neighborhood they let me stay with them which keeps the expenses down.

On Sunday morning I spoke twice and then once in the evening.  Sunday morning was a nightmare.  My computer would NOT recognize their projector for some reason.  I made a huge mistake.  Whenever I speak somewhere I go to the venue the day before and get a check, just to make sure.  I didn’t do it here because I’ve spoken here 3 or 4 times before without any problems.  You’ve heard me say in the past that whenever something goofy like this happens, something cool is about to happen.  I could NOT get my computer to work.  Fortunately Pastor Alan also had a Mac with Keynote on it.  I transferred my talk over to his computer. Time was tight.  His computer doesn’t have my fonts.  I changed what I could and ran downstairs.  He came up to me while the band was singing saying there was another problem.  I ran upstairs.  He had a parental control function on his computer so that it automatically cut off after an hour.  He had to change it.  As a consequence I lost all of the changes that had been made on the talk and had to redo them.   The band was singing the last song while I’m doing this!!!  I ran downstairs just in time to do the talk.  Talk about stress!  But, I am very encouraged to say that I didn’t let my flesh take over.  That’s my tendency when I get stressed.  You can watch the video blogs below to see more if you like.

Des Moines 1
Des Moines 2
Des Moines 3
Des Moines 4
Des Moines 5

Sunday night was awesome.  I had the opportunity to share from my heart and that was a blessing.  When the day was done, I returned to my friends’ home and enjoyed an egg sandwich and an amazing Rasberry/Blueberry Cobbler.  Ouch!  That was just plain gooood!

Sorry, I wasn’t able to get the blog up Sunday night.  The day just ran too long.  So, it’s up late today, Monday.  Thanks for your patience.  We’re trying hard to communicate with folks because cool things are happening at rforh and it’s because of God’s blessings and your support.

May the God of  hope* fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13

Carl Kerby
Isaiah 41:10-13
Reasons for Hope                                                                                                        *Jesus

Only one week left to take advantage of the “Media Pack” – this months special.  

P.S. – Flying home from Detroit today something interesting happened.  Our flight actually made it to the gate on time AND they had the jet bridge out to us in 5 minutes.  I was impressed.  I got on my flight to Cincy on time.  We departed 40 minutes late.  Why, you ask?  That’s a very good question!  The fuel truck only put half of the fuel in the plane that he was supposed to…and then left!  The pilot calls us, apologized profusely and tells us he’s trying to get them back.  40 minutes later he tells us the rest of the story.  It was break time so the gas guy quit fueling the plane and left even though he was only half done!!!!  How weird is that!  Remember what the flight attendant told me?  Stay bold, I had a great conversation with Richard while we were on the flight.  God wanted me to spend that extra time with him.  Pray for him please.  Interesting story!!

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