Good-bye, Camp Patmos – Hello, Gull Lake

Sunset on Camp Patmos!

I had an amazing week at Family Camp at Camp Patmos.  After speaking at Mainstreet Baptist in Alexandria, KY, I drove back up to Kelley’s Island where I spent the week working with families.  I had an awesome time and the folks there truly blessed me.

The final count came in from the week before and 15 young men and women received the Lord as well as the 11 that were baptized at Jr. High week!  I am so blessed to have been a part of this.  It still impacts me when I think that I would not have been able to do this ministry if God had not moved me to start rforh!  God is good, and when we don’t understand what He’s doing, we KNOW we can trust Him.

This will be a short blog, I know you’re shocked by that!  I just thought I’d share with you some of the comments that I got at camp.  It’s better than me telling you.

  • “Thanking God that you get to have a week with your family. Hope you get a spoonful of IC [ice cream] at least once this week. So thankful to God for our week at Patmos and getting to hear your testimony as well as the other sessions. Hope to use the book in a study with a few friends before trying it on a larger scale. I am praying that God continues to bless RforH!”
  • “Already got to share because of my t-shirt!!”
  • “Just wanted you to know Carl that our week with you at Camp Patmos was just about every good thing rolled into one….convicting, inspiring, educational and fun. Would love to hear you again. Can I be a groupie? Take care and let God continue to work in you because you definitely have a gift. In Christ,”
  • “We sure enjoyed your ministry this past week at Camp Patmos. Thank you for helping us to “critical think.” A needed study for our whole family.”
  • “I’ve been coming to this camp for 30 years, you’re one of the top three speakers I’ve ever heard!”

I’m so blessed to just be given the opportunity to serve.  Here’s 0ne last picture from Camp Patmos, it really is a beautiful place to relax.

On Saturday morning I got on the road by 7:30 AM and made it to Gull Lake around noon.  I am so excited to be here this week.  These guys stuck with me in the transition to rforh and I owe them a lot!  My daughter, her husband and his family just happened to be staying at Gull Lake this weekend so I was able to spend some time with them on Saturday afternoon.  They had rented a pontoon boat so we cruised the lake.  Another beautiful place!

I set up the resources that afternoon and then had dinner that evening with the families who are attending this week.  I met some really good folks.  The staff here at Gull Lake are very fired up to say the least.  It’s going to be a very relaxed week for me.  I only speak once on Sunday and Tuesday, twice on Monday and three times on Wednesday.  I’m then off Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Pretty soft schedule actually.  I’m afraid that I’ll start chasing people with my computer trying to share presentations with them because I’m having withdrawal shakes or something!

Speaking today went really well!  After I was done the rest of the day Masami and I visited with folks, took a walk, tie-dyed a shirt, shot some archery, ate an ice cream (I know, I’m not supposed to do this.  They gave me a credit at the sweet shop though, I can’t waste it!)  Ate some popcorn, talked with some young folks, talked with some mature folks, sat on the beach.  All in all, a pretty sweet day.

All I can say is, we’re blessed to be in the family of God and allowed to work for His kingdom.  We have a LOT of things in the works.  My son has written an excellent article on the video game “Resident Evil 4″ on the Remote Control Facebook Page.  I am going to post it on the rforh site as well sometime this week.  He’s also working on scripts for a new video answer series we’ll tell you about very shortly.  Very exciting!

Shari put together a media kit that we’ll be finalizing soon.   It’s material to give to folks interested in having rforh come and speak.  She’s working on a LOT of other items.

Candace is trying to get all of my schedule taken care, since she’ll be on maternity leave in the near future, so her plate is FULL!

Thank you for your prayers, we so appreciate them.  Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can serve.  Spread the word for us so we can continue to fill up the schedule.  I still have 3 dates open this year, plus we’ve got to start filling in for next year.

Planning something VERY cool for Labor Day weekend next year!  Please pray that if it be the Lord’s will this will all come together.  More on this later, Stay Bold!

Carl Kerby
Isaiah 41:10-13

P.S. – Remember to take advantage of the “Media Pack”, which is this months special.  Stay bold!

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