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Carl Kerby, apologetics speaker

Carl engages the minds and hearts of believers and unbelievers by proclaiming the authority and accuracy of the Bible. His talks include: Answering Skeptics, The Importance of a Biblical Worldview, Becoming Bold, Dad’s..It’s Time, Evangelism 101, Fossils: Friend or Foe? Genesis Matters, and more.

Download Reasons for Hope press kit here.

Learn about Carl’s talks, and watch a video preview here.  To book Carl to speak, email or request more info here.  

Juan Valdes, apologetics speaker

Juan is a bi-lingual pastor, educator and speaker (English and Spanish) with a D.Min in apologetics. His talks include: The Three Chairs, The Doubt Virus, A Portrait of Destiny, The Problem of Evil, Faith vs. Reason, 5 Reasons Why I’m Not an Atheist, The Case for God, Has God Spoken? and more.

Download Reasons for Hope press kit here.

Learn about Juan’s talks, and watch a video preview here.  To book Juan to speak, email or request more info here.