Reasons for Hope . . . In The Mosaic of Your Life!


rforh’s new book has arrived!  Life is a journey and our eternal destination awaits each one of us.  What real hope do we have as we walk this path of life?  And what reasons do we have for that hope?  Those are difficult questions, especially when the road of life is filled with stones and boulders, obstacles that block the path, and detours that make the path anything but straight.  Real hope enables us to face life with courage and to make God honoring choices in our lives.  This book shares the journey of one man and how God used the broken pieces of his life to make a beautiful mosaic.  He can and will do the same in yours.  Stay bold!

Reasons for Hope in the Mosiac of Your Life is a book of hope and encouragement — a candid look at how God can take the broken pieces of our lives and construct a beautiful mosaic to reflect His glory.

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Feedback from readers!

“Loved this book! Encouraged me to be bold and share God’s truth with others by sharing about my tainted past. Stuggled in the past with being transparent about things in my past and not sharing (worrying what others might think), in the past 2 weeks I have shared with 5 people and have been blessed in doing so.”


“Just dug into your book “Reasons For Hope” and I love it.”


What Friends Are Saying!

“As you read the chapters that follow, look for the mosaic.  The chapters are pieces of the whole, the book is the whole.  Let Carl’s story encourage you in your own story, his mosaic give you hope for your own mosaic.  God is still in the business of putting together life’s pieces in ways that bring beauty to the plain, glory to the ordinary, and hope to the hopeless.”

Dr. Woodrow KrollBack to the Bible

“Carl Kerby has challenged thousands to walk closer to Jesus and be a bold light in a dark world. His story will challenge you to look at your life and see how God takes the broken pieces of our lives and creates a masterpiece for the world to see.”

Mark HallCasting Crowns


“Your story from your checkered childhood, to your resistance to God’s path for you, is a strong reminder that God has a plan for us all. Your explanation of how the Bible fits into the modern day world, tackling issues such as evolution and race, is crucial to today’s Christian.”


Rich Franklin3 Time UFC 185 Pound Champion

“Carl’s new book captures his heart for the lost and his sharp mind on critical issues facing our world. He knows what he’s talking about and is able to teach others with humor, a quick wit, and solid scientific information. His story will inspire you and strengthen your faith.”


Kirk Cameron - Living Waters Ministry

“From watching his dad’s life as a pro wrestler to having people’s lives in his hands as an air traffic controller and one of the world’s busiest airports, Carl Kerby has some stories to tell.  Reasons for Hope is an open and honest story of a young boy’s journey from humble and challenging beginnings to a young man’s new life in Christ, and then his calling by God into full time ministry.  Carl’s journey and testimony provide encouragement and evidence of the power of God’s love.  A fun read…packed with reasons for hope.”

Tim Wildmon – president, American Family Association (AFA) and American Family Radio 

“Thank you for living and leading by example, and for sharing your story of hope.  It is a book that I would recommend to every Christian. Thanks for being a blessing to me,”

Matt Butler - Newsong


“As you read the “Mosaic” of Carl’s life, you will appreciate the incredible understanding and knowledge he has about the youth in our culture today. Carl’s passion will grow your passion and just maybe you will see how we can reach this “Mosaic” generation with the truth of the Gospel.”

Eric Hovind - president, Creation Science Evangelism

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