Two Minutes!

If you had 2 Minutes to share something important with someone, what would you say?

I had just finished speaking to a group of youth and they asked if we could open it up for an impromptu Q&A session.  Of course I said, “Yes!” and what followed was a very blessed time. 

These young folks asked great questions and I did my best to point them back to the Word of God to show that it has answers.

At the very end one of the adults that had come to the meeting raised his hand and asked what turned out to be the last question of the evening.  His question,

“Carl, what apologetic would you use to share with someone that doesn’t know Christ if you only had two minutes?” 

Wow!  Tough question. I mean, there are so many ways that we could approach it.  You would think that after 20 plus years of being involved in Creation Ministry I would immediately jump on the Creation aspect.  I absolutely love the design arguments.  

Seriously, to believe that something came from nothing to turn into everything that we see and can’t see is mind-boggling.  The complexity that is in everything just screams that there’s a Creator. 

We could talk about how something can’t come from nothing to turn itself into the everything that screams about the Creator.   People that want to make fun of those that believe in God by asking, “If you believe in a God that created everything, then who created your God?” 

We could talk about the fossil record and the geology of the Grand Canyon and show that what we see in the world isn’t supported by slow gradual processes at all, but instead rapid, catastrophic processes that the Word of God talks about. 

I also love the complexity of the human body arguments.  I mean, to think that something as amazing as the brain or the eye could come about by hydrogen gas transforming itself boggles the imagination. 

Oh, oh, I know, I’d talk about the giraffe and the complexity that we see in just the arteries, that could easily fill two minutes just talking about one way valves that stop the flow of blood to the brain when they bend over to get a drink so the don’t blow their brains out with blood rushing to their head!  That’s always a fun talk to have with folks.  Plus the “rete mirable” or “wonder net” that is found at the base of the brain to also help equalize blood pressure when they bend over. 

No, it would have to be the stars.  When you tell people how many observable stars there are it’s fun to see the look in their eye’s.  It’s incomprehensible that 70 sextillion (that’s a 7 followed by 22 zero’s) stars just came about by hydrogen gas transforming itself.  By the way, that’s only the OBSERVABLE stars!  The total number of stars including the one’s that we can’t see is “infinite”.  Really, an infinite number of stars just formed themselves???? 

In full disclosure though, none of those ran through my mind.  The first thing that ran through my mind was what I shared that night.  Here’s what I told the audience that was in attendance. 


Gospel Bracelets from Threads of Hope!

“I’d share the Gospel with them!  I’d use my Gospel bracelet and tell them about a fishing village in the Philippines that was transformed because a friend of mine saw a need and allowed the Lord to work though Him to address that need.  

Because of his obedience this village has used thread to change lives.  (I show the bracelet to them.)  He’s used the money from the sales of these bracelets to build a church and pays the Pastor of the church.  They now have 1,000 people who attend that church. 

They just built a high school because they didn’t have one in the village and the children wouldn’t ride the bus to continue their education.  He’s equipped the classrooms and hired an administrator to run the school.  

By the way, he doesn’t collect a dime of the money that comes from the bracelets that are sold, it all goes to ministry.  

Everybody loves to hear that story.  Hearing how people are delivered out of the sex trade business and are now able to take care of their family is fantastic.  The only problem is that if you think that money alone will make you happy, you’re in for a rude awakening.  If you sell out for what the world can give you, the world can and does take it away.  Money can disappear very quickly! 

But the “Gold” that you see on the bracelet reminds me of something that can NEVER be taken away, and that’s a place called heaven.  We’re told there are streets of gold there.  (Revelation 21:21) 

The only problem is the “Black”.  That is a constant reminder that I can’t get to that wonderful place called heaven because of sin.  Romans 3:23 tells us that we’ve all sinned, we’ve all fallen short of the glory God so we can’t get to heaven.  

That would be a very sad story, if it stopped there.  Think about it, there’s an amazing place, but we can’t get to it.  

But, Praise God, it doesn’t stop there.  That “Red”  reminds us of John 3;16 where God tells us that He loved us so much that while we were yet sinners He came as a man, named Jesus, lived a perfect life and died on a cross to pay the price for us to receive eternal life.  Amazing! 

We’re also told that when we repent and receive Christ He gives us new hearts, new minds.  We become new creations and are washed “White”, like snow because of what He did for us.  (Isaiah 1:18, Romans 10:9)  Not because of anything that we can do or have done.  (Ephesians 2:8)  We have a message of hope because of what Christ did for us. 

That “Green” is very important to me personally.  When I look outside and I see plants that are green, that means they’re alive, they’re growing.  Well, I as a Christian need to be alive and growing in my faith and service to the One who gave me everything!  (Ephesians 1:17)  Have a great day!” 

I timed myself, it took 1 minute and 57 seconds to share.  That would be my 2 minute apologetic.   I pray that you have something that you could share as well!!

 Stay Bold!


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Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby is an inspiring, motivating and highly respected Christian speaker. With more than 20 years of ministry experience, Carl shares his extensive knowledge and understanding of God’s creation in his presentations, outreach events, books and other resources as the President and founding board member of Reasons for Hope, Inc.