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Getting ready to speak at The Jersey Fire!

“Hi brother Carl, Your talk at Jersey Fire was absolutely a blessing from God!
Thank you for your obedience and work!”

Amber C.

Evangelism on the “Jersey Shore”!

Before I share about the Jersey shore, I’d like to share that  Carl Jr. is speaking on Sunday evening, July 29 at Big Bone Baptist Church, Boone, KY.  His talk will be, “Game Over: It’s Not Just a Game Any More!”  Parents, you need to be aware of what is taking place in the world of video games.  It’s just plain scary!  If you live in northern Kentucky, please join us and be sure to introduce yourself.

This last week I had the privilege of speaking in New Jersey at an outreach called, The Jersey Fire!  Andrew Rappaport has organized this conference for a number of years now and he’s also an open-air preacher on the New Jersey Boardwalk.

Andrew encourages all Jersey Fire to join him on the boardwalk at the end of each conference day to share their faith.  I love the concept.  As you know, rforh’s mission is to encourage and equip people to Know it! Live it! and Share it!  Well, all three were in action this last weekend on the boardwalk.

Greg Koukl, from Stand to Reason, and Andrew were the other two conference speakers.  On Friday night I changed my talk to put an emphasis on the supposed human ancestors that we regularly see featured in the media.  The feedback was very good.  Many of those in attendance  shared that  they frequently get questions about such things and the talk helped them to be equipped to give better answers (Know it! and Share it!)

After the Friday night’s session we went to the boardwalk to “Share it!”  I first spoke with two Catholics from a local church who were selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser.  Our conversation lasted about10 minutes and I was able to share the gospel with them using rforh’s KLS (Know it! Live it! Share it!) Bracelets.  The bracelets were effective in starting a conversation, clearly walking them through the gospel and encouraging them to share it with others.  They each accepted another KLS Bracelet and agreed to share both the bracelet and the gospel with someone else!  You can get these bracelets at the rforh store but remember… if  you wear it, share it!

My next conversation was with a man from Indiana who was visiting his girlfriend in New Jersey.  It’s always very  disheartening to hear how little some people think about their purpose in life or their final destination when they leave this earth.   Again in this encounter, I was able to share with him the truth of the gospel, and I was able to explain how true hope is found only in Jesus Christ.

In many ways the boardwalk is a very dark place.  Many of the people display behavior and dress that dishonors their Creator.  It breaks my heart because I know that Jesus died for them, just as he died for me and I want them to come to that understanding.  If they do that, their hearts will change and they will desire to honor Him.

The conference attendees who were preaching “on the box” and those engaging in conversations and passing out tracts were truly reflecting the light of Jesus in this dark place.

I spoke again at the conference on Saturday and then Sunday morning I spoke at Calvary Chapel in New Brunswick, NJ.  Pastor Jason gave me an hour to speak and then opened it up for a 30 minute Q&A afterwards.  I especially want to thank Denise and her sweet family for making this meeting happen.

The talk at Calvary Chapel, New Brunswick and our lunch afterward were really divine appointments.   There had been discussion regarding my speaking on Sunday at Faith Baptist Church, the church that hosted The Jersey Fire, but nothing had been confirmed so we arranged that I speak in New Brunswick, an hour away (Faith Baptist later scheduled me to speak there Sunday night…another blessing)

The divine appointment came at lunch. Our waitress was a young lady named Aquiwa (a beautiful name that I’ve probably misspelled).  Aquiwa is from Africa and her name means, “Born on Wednesday, or Wednesday born!”  In her village there are only 14 names.  Seven for girls and seven for boy.  You guessed it, each name comes from the day of the week on which they are born.  Their parents also give them a unique name and our waitress’ name is Kiwi.

As Kiwi took our order, I asked how we could pray for her.  She shared that she’d recently lost her job with a pharmaceutical company when it went out of business.    In order to make ends meet, she was working as a waitress and this was her second day on the job.  We prayed for her and her family, which includes two daughters.

I gave her some KLS Bracelets for her and her family and explained how to use the bracelets to share the gospel.  In addition, I gave her a couple extra to share with friends.  She cried!  Man, talk about touching my heart.

The next time she came to our table she said she’d already given a bracelet to a coworker and told her she should come talk with me.  A couple of minutes later this lady came to our table and I shared the gospel with her as well.

This was one of the most beautiful witnessing opportunities I’ve ever had.  To be able to encourage a lady who was feeling so discouraged and see how the Holy Spirit changed her entire countenance is such a blessing.  And then she did exactly as we encourage all to do…share your joy of the Lord with others.

Pastor Jayson and New Brunswick Calvary Chapel is also reaching out to Kiwi to help her and her family.  Andrew and Denise loved on her in special ways.  It was such a blessing, and such a divine appointment.  God put me in New Brunswick that morning to speak and put all of us at that table for lunch.  I know it was not a coincidence that Kiwi was our waitress.  And what a privilege it was to serve the Lord by sharing His love with Kiwi.  Trust that He will put divine appointments in your path also.  Keep your eyes open and watching for them.

Monday through Thursday Carl Jr and I were at RUSH Camp for a second week this summer.  Another awesome week.  I’ll share about there Lord’s mighty work in my next e-newsletter.

All of us at rforh thank you for your prayers and support.  It’s been amazing.  We’ve booked even more speaking engagements and continue to be amazed at how God is blessing rforh.

Please pray for a new resource project that we are working on called “Weapons for Mass Instruction”.  It’s a big project…but not if it’s God’s will.  Pray that He directs us and gives us discernment as we move forward.

Stay bold,

Carl & the rforh Team

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