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Feedback from RUSH Camps August 15, 2012

Lauren: I really enjoyed rush camp this week. I personally got a lot out of the messages, and love the debunked videos! :)

Justin: I really enjoyed rush camp this week! It was a lot different then i’m used to, but i really liked it!

Austin: Rush was awesome! wish i could see more christians prepared with this knowledge, and to use it lovingly.

MS – Testimony December 22, 2011

I asked for folks to share their testimonies so I could share them.  Here’s one from MS:

I spent early life in church but thought it was a place where people wore their new hats and shoes because as far as I could see, they were a bunch of hypocrites.  I ran far away from that at age 14 and got mixed up into a fairly tough crowd, left school, drank too much etc.  My first husband was a womanizer and I was divorced before I was 21.  I married again at age 27 to a man that had spent about 15 years of his life in jail.  He was an east end tough that was into a lot of things that were going to land him right back there.  He got a job and we went along for about 12 years, drinking and basically not knowing how to do life.  It came to a point after AA, Alonon, John Howard Society, etc. that we broke up and that was the end of it.  I could not physically have him around me because the tension was so bad I couldn’t turn my head. 

 We had managed an apartment, and looking back, the Lord had put us into the place.  The Alonon friends went to a church but were scared to mention it to me.  Andrew would phone occasionally after the break-up and us girls would be giggling in the back ground.   It really bugged him, he told me later.   

One of Andrew’s drinking friend’s X wife came and took me to a church.  I didn’t want to go but had nothing else to do.  I sat in the church and here came the pastor down the isle.  I took one look and thought to myself “If it isn’t dapper Dan the car salesman!”.  The first thing out of his mouth was “God wants you to have a new car!”.  I figured Jesus wore sandals and thought this pastor was right out of his mind and it confirmed to me why I didn’t go to church. 

The next week Bernice was there again to take me to church.  “Oh, why not?”!  Off we went.  This time the pastor came in and said he had to leave.  The Lord was calling him to another place.  People were bursting into tears around me and I thought they were all nuts.  That was enough! 

Now that I had gone to a church, my Alonon friends invited me to a little country church they went to.  I went, and the pastor was saying what I thought God would be telling us if he was real.  After goi9ng about 3 times, I went up for an alter call, not sure about anything and not really believing, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.   The pastor prayed for Andrew. 

One of my Alonon friends, Joan, invited me to the last meeting, of a huge ministry’s, week of seminars. She said “Lets invite Andrew!”  Marlene said that it wouldn’t do any good.  I didn’t think I wanted to go either.  Joan said call Andrew and invite him.  I did!  Andrew said he would be there.  I almost dropped the phone since Andrew wouldn’t stay in the same room if anyone was reading a bible. 

Anyway, 3 car loads of us got to the meeting hall.   Andrew came riding up on a bike.  He looked a me and said “I am not here to sing, or do anything; I am here to see you.  We have things to talk about!”   I said “OK!”  The head man hadn’t showed up so the fellow at the front said “I want the Pastors to line the edges of the auditorium and pray with people as they move into the isles.   I am going to call out what the Lord leads me to, a lot of people need healing”!  The first thing he called was for someone with a sore neck.  I went to the isle and no one came to pray with me.  

After awhile everyone was mulling around and only Andrew and Joan were sitting in the entire row.  The next thing that was called was “Someone is harboring unforgiveness in their heart”.  Both Joan and Andrew jumped up.  Ten people went to Andrew, where he stood, and prayed with him.  I was watching in amazement.  Andrew had his hands together as you do when you pray.  All of a sudden I could see a hand come across the top of the building and reach down and grab the top of Andrew’s head and he was vibrating from head to toe.  I was mesmerized.  Joan led me to the top of the isle and said we can wait here and Andrew will find us.  Andrew did!  I looked into his face and he was different, glowing. I had never seen this light shining from his face.  I knew right then that God was real and Jesus was real.  I said to Andrew, “I guess you are coming home?”

He came home and after a couple of sad tries to get us back, Satan gave up.  We lived out lives the way the Lord told us in His word.  We learned how to love one another and our lives were forever change from darkness to light.  Everything that was bad, Jesus turned to good.  You don’t have time to hear all the amazing things the Lord had done for us. 

My husband is with Jesus now and the Lord is still leading me and looking after me.  There is no chance I would ever stop walking with Jesus and one day I will see him face to face.  What a glorious day that will be!  I will see my Andrew too.  

Kayli December 20, 2011

hey i wanted to tell you to keep up the awesome work and that i am so proud to call you my brother in Christ! i was feeling down and i saw your website on my popular pages thing so i clicked on it and read for hours. i was reminded of times at camp patmos. the debunked stuff is really great and im just so encouraged anytime i read your work. God is using you in powerful ways and i just wanted to let you know you’re making strides in the spiritual war against satan :) ill be praying for you ministries brother. ~ your sister in Christ.


Thank you Kayli, this means more than you know!  ck

Glenn W. (Speaking about Jason Pratt!) October 31, 2011

Outstanding!! We were truly blessed to have Jason Pratt at 5 Forks this week. God is using Jason to take it to the next level. The need today for spiritual discernment in the church is so important with so many false teachers in America. Jason’s ability to address the technical issues related to evolution were awesome and I gained new understanding. God bless your ministry.

Megan L. October 17, 2011

Dear 3 Mile Project,
    I went to the Becoming Bold seminar tonight, and I can not express exactly how amazing I found it.  Not only was it inspirational, it was motivating and it helped to boost my confidence for knowing how to “debunk” others claims.  Tonight made me want to jump, dance, sing and laugh and I definitely found the whole night truly moving.  I absolutley loved being a part of the evening.
    I know I have had some conversations with friends on God, and I never really knew how to support why I believe in what I do or how to back myself up.  Tonight gave so much information in a fun, exciting, interesting way.  I wish it would have lasted longer. Carl Kerby was interesting and easy to follow, and the band was able to move me with their music.  I hope you consider having activities like this more often because I know that many of the people there would come back again and again to participate.  I know I would be on the list.
    Thank you for hosting such an amazing program tonight. It touched everyone who was there and I hope you consider having more activities like this in the future.


Megan L.

Melissa B. October 17, 2011

You were life changing! Thank you!!

Marci S. September 18, 2011

Our 12 year old daughter just got home from Banished this weekend and she is ON FIRE FOR THE LORD! Awesome!

September 13, 2011

Hi Carl,
  I attended Friday’s event, and wanted to encourage the great work you’re doing. I am a former do-nothing republican, who was born again in Jesus, quit my network security job, and am devoting my life to Jesus by home schooling my children and teaching them the Holy Bible. I cannot tell you how true your sermon rang to my ears. I am the MTV generation. I’ve tried their lifestyle. It sucks. ; )  It travels from sin to sin to sin, so that the important questions are never asked. God has inspired you to interface with this generation. and I believe it is the MOST important key. Keep up the GOOD work, and I will be a frequent visitor to your site, for help in my development for my children’s sakes.

 God Bless,

Amy R.  

Praise God!  You’ll never know how much that means to me.  I’ve been there and done that and also know how empty it is.  Thank you Amy!

Kendra C. June 17, 2011

“We took our kids to the new dinosaur exhibit at the Omaha Children’s Museum today and it was a great opportunity to teach them to do some critical thinking! You should have seen the looks that we got when we talked about dinosaurs on the ark! Thanks so much for speaking at the Youth Conference at Faith this year! We learned bunches and are having a blast sharing it with our kids!”

Praise God, how exciting it is to see you applying your faith in this manner.  We all need to do this.  Stay bold.

Darrell G. June 6, 2011


Carl that is so cool what God did, and what a drastic difference in people’s  receptiveness to the Gospel in that country.  Thank you for taking the time to explain all those stories and post all those pictures.  You never know how God is going to use you even when things don’t go according to our plans.  Those of us who couldn’t go to a taste of the the Lord’s work through your group.  I’m sure more people will be inspired to go next time and be a better witness right where they are in the meantime.

You bless me Darrell, wish you could have been there taking good photographs.  It was amazing.  You may want to come to a big event we’re planning in the Grand Rapids area for October 2011!!!  1,200 youth is the plan for two or three days.  Blessings my friend!


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