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First, let me say, Happy New Year!  2012 is off to an amazing start, thank you Jesus for your provision for 2011. Well, it’s time to get back on the road!  My month of no travel is coming to an end.  I have to admit that it was nice to be home, spend lots of time with my family, be able to attend my home church and catch up with office work.  But, I also have to admit, I’m ready to get back at it.  I’ll be in Bermuda this week.  I know what you’re thinking, but it will be a lot of work.  I would take my wife with me if I thought there would be a chance of seeing the beach, but I’ll be in conference rooms and class rooms the whole time.

Word of Life Caribbean is bringing us over there for a youth conference.  In addition, I’ll be speaking in a number of public schools plus some classes in the individual schools.  This is a huge opportunity!  Please pray that the doors open up for even more ministry with Word of Life.  More on that next week!!  Please pray for this ministry

We did two radio interviews about the new book, Reasons for Hope in the Mosaic of Your Life, this past week.  God is good.  One station in Memphis has a listenership of 750,000!  We’ve got 4 more interviews scheduled.  Thank you to B&B for their great work.

A good friend, Mark Elfstrand, who hosts The Morning Drive on Moody Radio, and his producer Brian Dahlen scheduled me to be with them on January 27 at 7 AM.  I’m also working with another friend, Tim Wildmon, from American Family Radio, who’s working to get me on their station as well.  We are so blessed by the response to the new book, Reasons for HOPE In the MOSAIC of Your Life.  We’re working on a study guide for the book and it should be done soon.  It will include short videos that, along with the book and study guide, will help you to see the mosaic in your life.

We finalized a very special tour for 30 Japanese folks to come to the United States in May.  Pastor Masashi Sugita and Rev. Horikoshi and rforh are teaming up for this exciting opportunity.  We will take them on a tour through the Creation Museum and then take them on a tour  throughout Las Vegas and to the Grand Canyon.  What a privilege to team up with these godly men and be a host to these people.

We’re also working on something very special and hope to be able to share more with you in the near future.  It’s a special outreach with a good friend, for whom I’m praying because it appears that God is calling him to do more public ministry.

We hope that you can see God is moving from these brief updates.  Let me deal with one of the questions that’s been raised many times lately.  What do we think about the claim that this is the year the world will come to an end?  It must be true, it says so on the Mayan calendar right?

Well, my response may surprise you because I do believe that this is the year that the world is coming to an end.  There’s no doubt in my mind that the world is going to come to an end this year and not because of the Mayan calendar.  It is coming to an end for 154,889 people on this planet every day.  That breaks down to 6,454 people every hour, or 108 every minute or, if you want to get really specific, that’s 2 every second!  The question isn’t whether the world is coming to an end this year.  The question is, “Are we ready if the world comes to an end?”  If today is the day the world will come to an end for you, are you ready to stand before your Maker?  Only you can answer that question.

Since you’re reading this rforh update, I’m sure most of you know the Lord and are certain of your salvation.  But if you don’t have that assurance, please email us at  We’d love to talk with you.

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to proclaim the gospel message and seek to encourage folks to get ready for the day their world comes to an end.

We encourage you to read this month’s REMEMBER article, especially if you made any New Year’s resolutions!

Stay bold, share the Lord with someone today!

In His Service,

Carl Kerby and the rforh Team

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